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The story of worldwidecollaboration

The Story of Worldwidecollaboration
Worldwidecollaboration is a global movement that transcends thousands of individual movements and talents. It is a collective representation of unity and support, where everyone is considered part of a big family. The main objective of Worldwidecollaboration is to work together, achieve together, and accomplish anything and everything as a united front.
The brainchild behind this incredible movement is Christopher Lee Cheney, who founded and created Worldwidecollaboration in 2009. Initially, it stemmed from Green International Entertainment, a movement dedicated to bringing people together. However, as time progressed, Worldwidecollaboration expanded its horizons in 2011, incorporating a broader range of activities.
Today, Worldwidecollaboration not only focuses on collaboration in music creation and live performances but also strives to provide deserving individuals with the exposure they deserve. This is achieved through the Worldwidecollaboration radio and the dedicated website,
One unique aspect of Worldwidecollaboration is its inclusive nature. The movement encourages everyone to adopt the Worldwidecollaboration logos as their own, symbolizing their membership in the family. These logos serve as a representation of unity and togetherness, reminding everyone that they are part of something greater.
Worldwidecollaboration is not bound by any specific focus. Instead, it thrives on the idea of doing everything together, supporting each other in any way possible. It is a testament to the power of collaboration and the strength that comes from working as a family.
Join Worldwidecollaboration today and be part of a movement that celebrates unity, creativity, and the limitless possibilities that arise when talents come together.
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