It is possible to earn rewards that include Coins

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As Taylor serves as the POTW, Rob Gronkowski is this week's limited-access item in mut coins madden 22 packs. Gronk's LTD pertains to his November 18th 2012 game for the Patriots against the Colts. The 95 overall item has 95 Catch in the Traffic, 93 Catching, 94 Spectacular Catch Awareness, and 93 Acceleration.

This week's offensive hero will be Jimmy Smith, while the Defensive Hero is Jason Taylor. Smith's jersey is presented in the honor of his performance on the 22st of November, 1999 against the Saints. The Jaguars receiver received 220 yards in receiving yards and an interception in the team's home win of 41-23.

Taylor's TOTW 11 item refers to his performance on the 19th of November match at home against Vikings. Taylor is now a Hall of Famer recorded five tackles, one sack, an interception, as well as two forced fumbles, in Miami's win over Minnesota.

See the new merchandise for Gronk, Taylor, and Smith in MUTHEAD's tweet as well as the complete list of new players is below.

Alongside the new cards being sold in buy Madden nfl 22 coins packs and Auction House Auction House, players can test their skills on the latest Madden 22 TOTW 11 Challenges. It is possible to earn rewards that include Coins, Power Up items or other cards to use in conjunction with Ultimate Team rosters.