How Do You Get Rid Of Drool Rash in Adults?

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Unlike baby gets drool rash, adults also face the problem of drool rash but for the adult, it is called by the name perioral dermatitis. But, for this, you do not need to be serious because it is very common and can cure by taking some preventive measures.

As the skin is a sensitive organ of the body is prone to diseases and infection. Similarly, drool rash that is common in infants and adults is considered a serious issue, but actually, it isn’t.

Drool Rash in adults can be self-treated. Some points you must keep in mind to get rid of drool rash are:-

  1. Stop using hydrocortisone cream or any other chemical creams.
  2. Take antibiotics such as tetracycline 
  3. Most importantly, change skincare practice

Perioral Dermatitis is what many adults face, that causes skin redness, rash around the mouth and nose resulting in inflamed skin. It is very much similar to drool rash as the symptoms are mostly the same.

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But, in the case of Perioral Dermatitis, there are high chances of women getting infected as it happens between the age of 16 and 45.

Getting back to drool rash, using healing ointments like Aquaphor or petroleum jelly will help to cure drool rash in adults as well as in infants also. Another effective remedy is coconut oil that is best for drool rash treatment. By massaging the coconut oil on the baby and even on the inflamed rash area, the rashes will get normal in a day or two.

Nothing to worry about as it gets normal within 3-4 days. Sooner your munchkin will smile and get rid of the drool rashsmile