Vanderhall Single Layer Diamond Pattern Mats

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One of our best-sellers, the Single Diamond car mat is built to perfection to take your car’s aesthetic value up a notch. As the name suggests, these mats are stitched with a diamond pattern and feature a 5 layer eco-friendly material. With each layer, our Single Diamond mats get better and stronger making them resilient to rain, snow, dirt, and heat. From the topmost layer featuring a Polyurethane leather to the 5th layer made of Gecko Grip material, these mats are super easy to clean, comfortable to rest your feet on, and act as a functional way to insulate heat radiating from the firewall and transmission tunnel. Moreover, you can be rest assured that once installed, these mats will stay in place ensuring drivers and passengers have a comfortable journey. And since we don’t skip on our quality, the Single Diamond car mats come with a two year warranty.

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