Stamping for sale Looking for a reliable supplier to work with? CHR, a professional metal stamping, die-casting and CNC machining service factory, eager to start a mutual beneficial cooperation with you. What Is Metal Stamping Stamping (also known as pressing) is the process of placing flat metal in the form of blanks or coils into a punching machine, where the surface of the tool and die makes the metal into a mesh. Stamping includes a variety of sheet metal forming manufacturing processes, such as stamping, blanking, embossing, bending, flanging and embossing using machine presses or punching machines. This can be a single-stage operation, where each stroke of the press produces the desired shape on the sheet metal part, or it can be done through a series of stages. This process is usually performed on a metal plate, but it can also be used on other materials. Usually the progressive die is fed from the steel coil and the reel to unwind the coil to the straightening machine to level the coil, and then feed it into the feeder, which pushes the material into the press and Predetermined feed length feed. Common Materials of Stamping Used The choice of metal stamping materials used depends on the required properties of the final product. Stamping is not limited to the metal manufacturing process, there are many other materials that can be processed by stamping technology, such as paper, leather or rubber. But so far, metal is the most commonly used material. Some common metals and metal types manufactured by stamping include: . Precious metals: silver, gold and platinum . Ferrous metals, especially iron-based alloys like stainless steel . Non-ferrous metals: bronze, brass and zinc . Non-standard alloys: beryllium nickel and beryllium copper What We Do? Our company, Shenzhen Chuanghongrun Technology Co., Ltd (also know as CHR), is a private enterprise who specializes in offering metal stamping, die casting and precision CNC machining service to customers. With years of development, we have accumulated rich experience from thousands of projects, cultivated a very technical team. And, the factory equipped advanced machines and facilities, we can delivery customer with high quality, quick turnaround and cost-effective.Stamping for sale website: