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You Are But Believe On The Last Twenty Years

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Start date 11-03-20 - 08:00
End date 11-30-20 - 08:00
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    This likely contributes to more discussion about the portability and with the successes of this nintendo switch I could see why cellular are a good way to get folks interested. Although I do think if Jagex begin gearing Runescape towards mobile users you will see even more micro-transactions and casual gaming illustrations. I also believe RS would be a vastly different cellular game than most - mechanics-wise and due to the fact it originated on the internet. I would assume better functionality would exist for people that play on line, but my mindset is overly narrow. I simply can't see myself risking my things going bossing or PVPing.

    There's also the"wait 10 minutes upon logout" thing which to me would feel sort of weird on mobile. Most cellular games that you can just exit out of and restart later if you have to go do something real quick. If you're fighting a monster you need to wait until it dies, then escape the aggro area, then wait 10 minutes to log off. It's a small annoyance, but it could make all PVM/PVP uses on mobile enormously different than any other mobile game. I don't know how the new players would react to that.

    Hi! So... I made this Issue, since I did need to speak something about Guthix; God of Balance and Nature. I expect people says something , state what to they consider it what do I say today. I made this Topic, and I know Guthix is dead, OR IS HE REALLY DEAD? Now I say what do I think about Guthix: I believe Guthix is the only god that belongs to Gielinor, because he did so much good for this. Also he try to keep it balanced. I need balance, and I followed Guthix, so I can't believe Guthix is really dead; I made my own concept.

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