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There are three different devices you can acquire

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Start date 01-10-22 - 13:39
End date 01-31-22 - 08:23
  • Description

    Ava's Devices offer the best benefits to The Ranged skill that is available in all cape slot items, they can save you money and time due to automatic pickups. In addition, they also draw random objects to your inventory.

    You can get this item through the completion of Animal Magnetism quest which requires the completion the Priest of Peril, Ernest the Chicken and the Restless Ghost quests. It is also required to have levels 18 Slayer 19, 19 Crafting and 30 Ranged and 35 Woodcutting. There are three different devices you can acquire.

    Avas Attractor- If you are less than level 50 in your Ranged skill you will receive this one as a reward of the quest. This piece of equipment automatically will take 60% or more of your ammunition. 20percent of the ammunition is broken (which is normal for all ammunition types) and 20 percent is left at the bottom. It gives you an additional 2 points to your accuracy in the Range.

    Avas Accumulator the 50th level, if already have Attractor you can go to Ava and upgrade it by offering the arrows with steel 75 and 1000 gold. However, if you have completed this quest after hitting 50 Ranged, you'll get this one straight away without the need for additional payment.

    This improved version will boost the capacity of your ammunition from 60% to 72%. The upgraded backpack also comes with +4 Magic Defence and +4 bonus to the Ranged Accuracy rating.

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