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Runescape has no excellent endgame apart from personal achievement

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Runescape has no excellent endgame apart from personal achievement has not posted anything yet
Start date 10-24-20 - 14:12
End date 11-30-20 - 14:12
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    Players loudly complain every time that the skill is made simpler as it"cheapens" the game. Zezima quit as things were too simple for newer gamers, and he was not alone. I'd like to visit a debate on how this could be repaired without wrecking the game. Is it an impossible answer? Here are my ideas: Insert worthwhile content in the bottom up. When there is not any content in levels 70-99 of Herblore, add stuff from level 70 upward, not 99 downwards. That never used to be a problem until it became necessary to level that large. . .now it's for many people since there's really up content there.

    A likely modest portion of the neighborhood does actually play with your grind and sense of achievement. Largely the individuals aiming for 200m skills, they gain nothing in the procedure generally by way of articles and still enjoy playing. Personally, I think runescape has no end game worth attaining, so what, you're maxed combat... now what? You can go kill bandos for 200 kills/trip? Why? The only end game I consider runescape having is participant killing, which isn't very alluring to many.

    I simply don't see why people set content-related objectives, this match has such inferior content in reality. Making the game easier would ruin the game for me, personally, since most updates do. It is simple enough tbh, all you need is time. Dungeoneering isn't even much of a"skill" skill, since you're reliant upon 4 other individuals abilities too. In case Jagex made solo dungeoneering up to 350k exp/hr, then I think that it becomes more of a skill-skill. Post may have been a mess of unorganized thoughts by my primary point is that: I believe that in the event you remove the grind you eliminate a lot of the game.

    Also to make more clear again, I'm saying that runescape has no excellent endgame apart from personal achievement, when you take the achievement you simply take out the match tbh. Some fair points made here, particularly about removing huge chunks of the sport as well as the needlessness of content objectives. However, I'd disagree with your quest point: it might have been the case once, but it isn't any more that a participant at 70+ may do all the quests. Since quests are my motivation to raise skills, this is significant, as I've noticed a major gain in the amount of skills I need to raise and the height they need to achieve: a quest cape will need: 76 defence, constitution, mining, woodcutting, and crafting; 77 Ability; 78 assault and strength; 80 magical; 74 smithing, thieving, and firemaking.

    None of these are boostable, and in this end, they suddenly take perhaps twice as many hours because the requirements which are 70 or below. Equally, these are all sequels to quests I've managed to reach with relative ease at mostly 70ish stats. That's why I believe runescape is pushing players into more of a grind in some areas and it doesn't look sensible.

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