Anyway, getting to the point. I was in a heated debate Cover Image


Anyway, getting to the point. I was in a heated debate

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Anyway, getting to the point. I was in a heated debate has not posted anything yet
Start date 09-23-21 - 11:41
End date 09-30-21 - 11:41
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    If you are a price-manipulation expert, this is what you need to know: " This is indeed the case. But the proportions between the price of the items you purchase and what you make are likely to be fairly steady. Cheaper items will mean that you won't have to invest huge sums of money to obtain what you need. This allows the market as well as all its players to flow freely, which will allow it to be more accessible. (An economy that has 100 extremely wealthy people won't last, however an economy that has 10,000 diverse players will be booming with more business and the massive amounts of cash won't be required.

    What is the way to help bring back the previous economy? In the old system, in which the majority of skills could earn a profit even though they needed to be purchased. It is possible to use the same method I did in the past to boycott to bring prices down so that the skilled workers who have worked tirelessly to reach these levels can make more money than the person who's been in woodcutting for the past four years.

    This might seem to be a lot, but it is not impossible. History repeats itself, not just in the present universe, but also in this alternate one in which most of us have spent at the very least a few years in. It's also more reliable than any other fluctuation in trade at all. (Jagex is a risky choice in times of peril. For instance, in the wild.)

    While I appreciate your questions however, they are not always answered quickly. However I will try to respond to your questions. Thank you for your time and if you wish to take on these price manipulators make sure you spread the word and form unions. I cannot be active for longer than a couple of minutes these days and therefore, I will not be in a position to take the lead in the fight, however, I do wish to impart this knowledge upon you all.

    Some time back, a thread created. It was entitled "Skill caps: Are they destroying Runescape?" The thread was about weather skill caps that are increasingly controversial in Runescape.

    Anyway, getting to the point. I was in a heated debate this morning with a level 77 who had an untrimmed flamemaking cape. Evidently, he'd earned all the money he needed (only around 5 million) to purchase 99 firemaking. After spending 3 and a half weeks straight burning wood for 99 firemaking the turd was rewarded with his untrimmed cape. Next he wanted to get 99 Fletching, the second most ridiculous excuse for an easy 99.

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