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Rsgoldfast - The pumps are topped up by the Innkeeper

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Rsgoldfast - The pumps are topped up by the Innkeeper has not posted anything yet
Start date 07-17-21 - 14:23
End date 08-31-21 - 14:23
  • Description

    Shades and Mor'Ton. To begin this Quest, talk to Florin in Burgh De Rott. Hi (Player name)! It was nice of your to do a little work on Burgh De Rott. It still feels a bit unappetizing. It is indeed an unfortunate fact that the walls are still broken, that the bridge was destroyed and that we don't have enough food.

    Maybe I could be more helpful, I do know I was a good starting point for Myreque. It could be a great idea. First, the Inn needs some attention. Go to the Inn and Talk to the Innkeeper. Good morning, (Player name). How did you return to Burgh De Rott Florin stated that Florin would repair the Inn. What should I do? In order to install these old pumps the water, we can use about 8 cups of asgardian ale.

    Give the Innkeeper 8 Glasses of Asgardian Ale. Innkeeper: Ok, let me fill the bottle up. The pumps are topped up by the Innkeeper. Innkeeper (OK): The wall behind us is now completely on the ground. To repair the walls we'll need around 25 planks, 50 nails, and some screws.

    You can utilize the Planks (Nails and Saws) Hammer), and Saws that you have on the wall. Innkeeper: The wall looks much better. In the near future, I'll require an apron that's new. I'll require a white apron, some molten glass, and glassblowing pipe. All of this stuff is available at the bank in the north. Return to the innkeeper, and hand the items to him.

    Well this place is about completely reconstructed, with the exception for the walls guardiang the entry point to the base of the Myreque. I'll need five planks and 25 nails of steel to accomplish this. The Inkeeper should be given everything he needs. Innkeeper (OK okay, fine): But here, take this. 500gp will be provided to you by the owner of the inn. Innkeeper: Talk to the man in the bank.

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