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It is not that hard to RuneScape

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Start date 02-18-21 - 10:11
End date 03-31-21 - 10:11
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    Barrows items are dropped, normally, 1:15 iirc. These items range from like 50K to 1.7M now. Lots of things are round the 1M mark and below, few are over 1M. So let us say 1M every 15 runs - this account for runes and so on, too. Barrows is very cheap and you end up with a lot of blood/death runes spare should you use Polypore (which you should).

    Indeed you may make more money at Glacors. But there are a couple of downsides - Glacors pose a far higher risk of dying. Really, it is not that hard to remain alive, but Barrows is a joke in that section tongue.png Secondly, if you're unlucky, you aren't making money.

    I understand most of those: Agility- Do the Barbarian course until level 52, then perform the wilderness program. Food should be three agility level boosting pies with a few tuna. Simply attract a spotted/spottier cape. Other choice is fishing for flying trout, salmon, and sturgeon. Thieving- I feel that the thieve's guild is what's great, but I do not have 70 thieving either, so I am not sure.

    Slayer- Do Smoking Kills pursuit if you have not already. Use either your highest or next highest levelled slayer master you can, but consistently the best every five jobs to get more slayer points. Farming- Do farming runs about once an hour, but try to get in at least a day, even when you only can get on for 15 minutes.

    Woodcutting- Try to make use of a dragon axe the moment you can. Cut teaks at the Tai Bwo Bwanna hardtree grove and burn them. You can change to mahogony whenever you want. Faster exp is ivies at level 68, because the maxed exp one hour in the hardgrove with level 99 wc and a dragon axe is 40k wc exp, but also 60k fm exp, while ivies below the exact same condition can attain 100k.

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