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Thats the one thing EA cares about Madden 21

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Thats the one thing EA cares about Madden 21 has not posted anything yet
Start date 12-28-20 - 10:46
End date 01-31-21 - 10:46
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    Well that is the matter, to try it you're going to need to buy the game and buying the game only proves to EA that Franchise does not matter. I'm also excited for a style like this but the main thing to me is Franchise improvements not the Yard developments. Until Franchise is better people who really actually want Franchise to enhance should not be buying the game no matter how many shiny bells and whistle game styles they put in there that are going to take resources away from Franchise mode in future match installations.

    Exactly. If you buy this game you might too spend $500 on packs weekly. Thats the one thing EA cares about. If you buy this game for $60 you might too spend 8x a week. Adding barebones garbage rather than fixing the core gameplay and game mode that attracted your platform success is certainly not the way to go. At no time did I say that was the way to go. We can be glad that there is a brand new, possibly exciting game style coming into the game and want the game to have the fixes necessary. Gameplay wants fixed, franchise wants a face lift since it's gotten so barebones through recent years. It does not have to be either one or the other.

    This sub floor is way to cynical to say anything favorable about Madden in any way. I am a huge franchise guy that isn't happy with the present condition of CFM, however I love this idea! It looks like a blast to playwith. That having been said, half this sub will watch the trailer, read the Gridiron Notes, and totally ignore any positives so they can last I to rant about entirely unrelated problems with the game. You can't even post a trendy highlight here without the top comment being someone whining about the way broken or unrealistic something is. It is like the folks here just want to be cynical all the time whatever the content they view. It is actually a drag on anybody who doesn't absolutely 100% despise the game.

    Seriously, it's turned into a huge circlejerk of ppl who just talk in absolutes. These are my exact thoughts. It's okay to be pleased about something like the lawn and upset over the nation of franchise. This is a brand new and exciting 2k like idea. I love the park and rec in 2k and I'm eager to play the lawn! Exactly it is only people bitching about whatever they just must make a sub at the place where they can bitch about the match rather than doing it.

    I don't disagree with this at all. I think EA and madden are constantly looking to add micro trades. That is the unfortunate reality of the modern gaming. However, like you mentioned, we should not complain about new modes. It demonstrates that at least in some capacity they are attempting to keep the game clean. Not really. EA gets shit on but they have a long term plan with each execution. FIFA understands the new features first and the exact same follows in Madden from another name.

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