EVE Echoes was declared as a"Condensed" variation Cover Image


EVE Echoes was declared as a"Condensed" variation

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EVE Echoes was declared as a"Condensed" variation has not posted anything yet
Start date 11-16-20 - 15:45
End date 12-31-20 - 15:45
  • Description

    EE does not need to be EO. Bubbles are a mistake. Taking away safe afk autopilot is a mistake. Making EE more like EO2-Mobile is a huge mistake. We don't need another EO, we have already GOT EO. If we wanted to have multiple accounts and scout and perform all the time-consuming bullshit inherent with mid-to-high level gameplay in EO, we'd still be on EO.

    SO MANY OF US are tired of that continuous time investment and we can not do it anymore, even if we would like to. Playing with EE has made me need to look at my EO account and just twist around in my dreadnought, if it is still around (can't recall where I parked it tbh, could be long gone if I parked it in a corp foundation, which I am fine with).To innovative, grind fest nightmirror, and waaaaay to much attention was needed along with a learning curve that blew off my head.

    Devs Sold us the idea: When EVE Echoes was declared as a"Condensed" variation on cellular, I got super excited! Just a couple of buttons, simple learning curve yet still complex enough to be enjoyable, and cartoring to"Mobile" players with AFK traveling (This was a selling point out of the devs themselves!) You can AFK, or if you become disconnected, phone call, wifi, or actual life issues suddenly need your attention. They SOLD THIS GAME as a mobile game with the promise it could cater to users. We did not make this up in our little heads, they told us flat out,"AFK" was something. They even stressed that if you simply have a few minutes, log on, then send your boat some where to perform a fast delivery, log off.

    Release: So when the game was released, the next for weeks went by in a blink! I was hooked! This game was fun, and guess what, you still died in Null sec into some fantastic many things/senariors*.

    Update: So the night it had been noted that Warp Gates were bugged and you were supposed to be ambushed by gamers that this whole time, my heart sank. What? You can't AFK travel ? Why? (Nicely EO players chimed in, scout ahead) Are you kidding me? (Sure people take action, but that is not a"Phone" match or what the devs SOLD us. Overnight players have been vaporized for no reason, even players who"WATCHED" their displays couldn't counted the onslaught from an ambush.

    Want to learn more about eve echoes at https://www.fastisk.com/