I was also wondering if I should lender or bury the bones Cover Image


I was also wondering if I should lender or bury the bones

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I was also wondering if I should lender or bury the bones has not posted anything yet
Start date 11-12-20 - 03:00
End date 11-30-20 - 04:00
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    I'm planning on slaying green/blue dragons or Lesser Demons for a few cash and exp, and I had been wondering exactly what to take and if I need to kill Green/Blue ones or Lesser Demons? Defence-65 (getting 70 ATM) Prayer-45, Hitpoints-67 (2k exp into 67), Combat-81, I was also wondering if I should lender or bury the bones, and high-alchemize the excellent drops. I will use: A Dragon Longsword, Rune platebody, Dragon helmet (med)+skirt, Anti-dfs (for dragons) / rune kiteshield (such as Lessers) and glory ammy (ABSOLUELY NO changes in armor over 50K! ) )

    Hi I was wondering should I perform the barrows mini game with rockshell pl8, rockshell thighs, beserker helm,granite protect, ring of recoil and dragon b axe. My stats are... Combat 82, Strike 66, Defence 61, Power 70, Hitpoints 68, Ranged 62, Magic 53, And does any 1 hav gd suggestions about how to acquire attack and defence lvls up?

    I am considering starting BH, but I'd like some guidance from a few experienced kids I am taking all builds. I will be coaching defence to 55+ first, then taking all your opinions to use! So, MAIN QUESTION: How do I use my abilities to BH for fun and profit, without getting possessed every moment? I am able to spend cash on skills, but not over the limit. In that order. I have tried to add everything you might have to help me Thanks!

    ISo I have opted to really go GWD, over Runecrafting to get a Zammy or Bandos Godsword, since most of you told me that proceed GWD, so that is what I will do. I'll probably be meleeing the BANDOS BOSS but have no clue what to take, if anyone knows few written guides inform me plz because I've observed different armors from vids, like verac or torag. I have btw around 7mil with items at this time. Also I heard I need to be wearing particular god products, whats that all about? And what are the rare drop speeds if any for your supervisors? Also a very big problem on weekdays on morning that I can get on line on RS for ceratin FOR 1 HOUR, and varying probably about 6-8 hours per WEEK BUT probably 1 hour or little more everytime I log into, therefore WILL this be a problem for me personally?? Because I am not sure how much time it takes to kill bandos boss everytime?? And I may have to log out at middle.

    Hello, I Have some things that need some help with. My big brother Metalkon couldn't help me tonight because he was out because we had dinner. Here is the tiny notepad thing I made for the stuff I need alot of help with: 1 ). The Sailor-he's to the northwest, and he needs a ballad composed. 2. The Bard-he wants some new boots to compose the ballad. 3.Yrsa-she possesses the clothing store southwest of the sailor, and she wants taxes reduced in exchange for the boots. 4. Brundt- that he wants the tribe to understand about Sigli's hunting grounds. 5. Sigli- he's just south of the pub, and he wants a balanced bowstring.

    Please visit the following URL if needed https://oldschool.runescape.com/