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I really like my own RuneScape King

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I really like my own RuneScape King has not posted anything yet
Start date 11-09-20 - 11:48
End date 12-31-20 - 11:49
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    The sole accomplishments I pride myself at just a little are PvP associated, both solitary and clan PKing. I like to believe I was a decent F2P PKer pre-EoC, and I was really happy when my first gallery attained 100+ kills. I wound up posting 400-500ish kills here on Sal's spread over three or four distinct galleries and countless smaller subjects (like arbitrary kills and clan department war topics), and it led to some old PvP section associates to refer to me as Sal's #1 F2P PKer and also the King of the PvP section (this is the reason why I really like my own RuneScape King and Witch King titles lol). I dunno, I never felt I did anything astonishing but having people complimenting my kill achievements is something that I take a little pride in I guess. Also if in a Sal's Clan Section topic concerning the perfect clan I was chosen as a member at many of clan segment users lists, which will be something I took pride in because at the time that I was only an average level 105ish combat participant.

    And when I had been complimented in a 3xtermination vs Silverdawn and some other clan XshinobizX headed (who later joined and eventually became DF's chief ) for my great tanking. In the words of some of their members whenever XshinobizX known as a pile on me he would constantly get pissed off and begin crying about the lack of binds hitting me and how long it it took to get me killed. It's sad I can't locate this subject everywhere anymore, it was likely the first war I was in I believed I'd had some effect. Was a fairly bizarre war, I recall it was presumed to be some type of training/tank-test war for all of the clans involved, we didn't even fight at GDZ but at the Chaos Dwarves place rather.

    I also did fairly decently in certain warfare against UBH (I think?) But I am fairly sure in that case I was the only one becoming complimented since they disliked every single other member of 3x. Since some of you know I only recently have finished Plague's finished and unlocked Prifddinas, and the last couple days are spent investigating the city, performing tasks for your Elven clans and unlocking a plenthora of emotes, lore book pages, names, outfits etc..

    It's an wonderful city really, I've always thought it's reputation was exaggerated but that I can really understand why everyone loves it. Always been more of a fan of gloomy locations/cities such as Draynor, Edgeville, The Wilderness and canifis by way of instance so it's fairly uncommon for me to enjoy a place so tidy, respectful and"happy looking" if you know what I mean. Anyway as everyone understands the most important portion of Prifddinas along with the Elven society is your clan system. 8 different and special clans with their particular areas in town. What clan(s) do you guys prefer and why? And clan leaders while we're at it, since it's possible to prefer a leader and have no specific interest in her or his clan.

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