It was a long ride.

World wide collaboration was around since 2011 until 7/15/2019

Founder said it was along ride while it lasted we enjoyed every bit of it how ever due to the lack of others participating it was not worth keeping it going.

If everyone just did what they were told it would have continued how ever no one really wanted to follow the directions.

8/09/2019 the website will be shut down completely and will not continue.

For all those who did participate we are truly sorry for discontinuing the brand now it is up to you guys to keep it going on your own.

How ever there is a new CEO to look up to and he has taking the steps to register World wide collaborations, as a LLC.

It is all up to mic woods and you to keep it going from here on out and what you choose to do that is up to you.

You can contact mic woods on facebook for further questions on becoming a member of worldwidecollaboration if he continues to keep it going with out the founder it is all up to him now.

Contact mic woods here

Thank you to all the real loyal members that stood by us amen.